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Bible Study

Join us every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. for Bible Study. This year Jay will lead us in an over-view of the books of the Bible. Come and bring a friend!

Sunday School


At St. Paul we feel that faith is strengthened through the study of God's word. Each of our Sunday School classes has been developed according to the needs of its members.

YOU are invited to join us each Sunday as we strive to find God's will for us through study of his word and how it relates to our lives.


Youth Classes

The Baby Lambs is a class for children under the age of two.

The Little Lambs class is for children three to seven years old. The Little Lambs Sunday School curriculum is “The Bible and Me”. Their class time consists of story time, an art/crafts project, snack time and time to play at centers such as the kitchen area, blocks and puzzles, and their all-time favorite---climbing in the castle.

The "EleMiddle" class is for elementary to middle school aged children. They use the “Live BIG” (Believe in God) curriculum. Their classes start with a video lesson, discussion, music and activities correlated with the lesson.

Classes for older children are under construction.

Adult Classes

The Fellowship Class

The Fellowship Sunday School class, formerly the Nan McCann class is a learning
opportunity for adults. We are friends joined in our love of Christ and the
desire to learn ever more about our God and His inspiration and love. Our studies
are guided by lessons from "The Present Word" and are led by three teachers on a
rotating basis. Each session starts with a study of scripture and moves into
discussion of how God's word relates to our daily lives.
Classes are short, about 30 to 40 minutes and include time for news of members, prayer requests and church business updates. We occasionally open with singing of old favorite hymns.
The group enjoys fellowship together in the form of dinners out, annual trips
to Myrtle Beach for Christmas shows and an annual Christmas party.
The Fellowship Class desires to help others and search for ways to assist and
serve our community and the world. We participate in local food drives and
sponsor two children through the Christian Children's Fund.
We are a caring and supportive class and we invite you to join us as we explore
God's word and how we are to serve Him. All are welcome!

The Epiphany Class

The Epiphany Class began on September 9, 2007 and is welcomes all interested adults.  The class format is a less structured, with a “facilitator” rather  than a teacher.

The Living Word curriculum was chosen for the first two quarters of the year. Each lesson of the series has Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospel readings and emphasizes how scripture relates to every day life. Each class member has a scripture journal relating to the Bible readings. Members are encouraged to participate by sharing their ideas, which leads to more open discussion. The class will continue to search for materials that will bring God's Word into our everyday lives.

Come join us as we learn together in a welcoming environment, and as we grow in our faith.

Friendship Class

The Friendship class is a group of senior adults who enjoy fellowshipping and studying the Bible. We encourage each other to share our views and insights with the class. Two "teachers" alternate leading the weekly discussions. All class members are encouraged to share in the discussions as little or as much as they wish, depending on their involvement with the topic. No pressure is put on anyone to speak or to adhere to a particular opinion.

We currently are studying The Present Word, based on International Sunday School Lessons: International Bible Lessons for Christian Teaching. The fall quarter's study is based on scripture from Genesis. Future studies this year will focus on portions of Luke, Hebrews and the Gospels as well as various books of the old testament. We continue to be open to studying alternative curriculum when the majority of the class feels that it will lead us closer to God and his direction for our lives. Our last study centered on the book The Purpose Driven Life.

We welcome anyone to join us who loves the Lord and wants to share that love,  or who is struggling with faith issues and wants to explore, question and learn through support from class members.

The Caravan Class

The Caravan Class is a slower paced young adult Sunday School class. This is an informally structured class which moves at a slower pace; we move along on only as fast as we are each comfortable and satisfied. Lessons are very open and are discussion oriented. Topics and concerns are discussed as they relate to
each individual, seeking to provide support, spiritual growth and encouragement to each other. Our current curriculum is “Acts; A Model for Today’s Church”.

A new curriculum for this class will begin soon; it is "Faith Matters:  Discovering the Faith "