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Saint Paul Presbyterian Church began in 1957 as an “outpost” of Glenwood Presbyterian Church. Sunday School classes were first held on April 7, 1957.On March 16, 1957, a pulpit nominating committee recommended that the group call Reverend Jerry C. McCann as their first pastor. Reverend McCann began serving the congregation on April 18, 1958 and continued until his retirement in 1988.

The church was first organized as The Murphey School Chapel on February 16, 1958 with forty-six charter members.The congregation voted to name their church Saint Paul Presbyterian on March 30, 1958.

After much work by the growing congregation, the first building was occupied on December 13, 1959.That building is still in use today as the Fellowship Hall . Growth and work continued and on November 24, 1963 the education building was occupied. On October 3, 1971 the Sanctuary building was dedicated.

In December of 2005 the church Sanctuary was destroyed by fire. In the aftermath of the fire, the congregation became determined to re-build its center of worship.The ensuing trials became growing experiences for the congregation, bringing many blessings and over-whelming support from the community and from Salem Presbytery as well.

On Sunday, February 24, 2008 a groundbreaking ceremony was held on the site of our new sanctuary. The ceremony was the highlight of our 50th Anniversary celebration.

Throughout the years, Saint Paul has continued a tradition of nurturing its members and extended church family, as well as a strong support of missions. We look forward to serving our Lord and Savior for many years to come.


The Christ Candle

In the days following the fire in St. Paul’s sanctuary, many workers, members and friends came to view the damage. Most entered the building at the rear, Narthex area.  Furnishings and walls were covered in soot.   Burned carpet and wood fumes were still over-powering.   The thermostat on the wall at the rear of the building had melted.

At the front of the Sanctuary, near the source of the fire stood the Advent Wreath.  The “permanent” greenery of the wreath was melted around the wire form. All four smaller candles were melted.  But the Christ Candle was completely intact!  The fire fighters told members later that day that the candle had been standing in the center of the wreath when they arrived, but was knocked over by their equipment as they extinguished the fire.  This fact reassured us in the aftermath of the tragic fire.  Our Savior stood with us on December 6, 2005, through the fire, through our recovery, as He stands with us always.




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